Telling the Stories Behind Our Ethical Candles & Holders

Telling the Stories Behind Our Ethical Candles & Holders

When I was researching candles (and other products) for Zenhance Your Home, it was incredibly important to me to source as much as possible from ethical and/or UK manufacturers. I hate the idea of purchasing products that make you feel good, only to find out that the making of them has made someone else’s life utterly miserable because of harsh working conditions or poor wages.

So I wanted to share with you some of the stories behind our candles and candle holders and why I chose them for the website…

And I have another little surprise for you… if you order anything from our Candles & Holders collection before the end of October, we’ll throw in another ethical gift for you absolutely free!* Happy ethical shopping 😀

Eco-Friendly Soy Candles Made In Peterborough - From £10

Soy Candles Made In the UK

I was instantly attracted to the soy candles made by Beauty Scents because of their uniqueness. But I also loved the fact that they were hand made by Alexander and his wife right here in the UK and from eco-friendly, all-natural materials. Soy wax is eco-friendly because the oil from soya beans is a renewable and bio-degradable source of energy. It burns a lot cleaner than paraffin because it leaves no petrol-carbon soot that can pollute your home. It also burns and holds scent for longer, making it much more enjoyable!


Himalayan Salt Tea Light Candle Holders From Pakistan - £8

Himalayan salt tea light candle holder

The Himalayan salt products we have on the Zenhance Your Home website, including the beautiful tea light holders, are hand-made by skilled workers at the world’s second largest salt mine in the world located in Khewra, Pakistan. Our supplier’s selection process includes review visits to the manufacturing facilities and getting written assurance from the manufacturer that their staff are fairly treated and provided with good and safe working conditions. The staff are paid on per piece basis, and on top of that they have the choice of picking their own hours of work.

Lanterns & Candlesticks Hand-Welded In India - From £16.95

These beautiful Lanterns & candlesticks are hand-welded in India by skilled artisans like Abdul, who is a metal cutter from Uttar Pradesh. As well as learning a craft, Abdul’s work for a few hours every day also pays for him to study in the mornings, and he has ambitions to be a lawyer.

Ethical Lantern and Candlesticks

White Sand Buddha Hand-Carved In Bali - £14.99

Hand carved Buddha made in Bali

 [Image courtesy of Pixabay]

I have my beautiful Buddha sitting on my desk at home as I work, and it never fails to make me feel Zen!

It was skilfully hand carved by an artisan working out of a little Bali studio. Made from solid white sand, it has a subtle yet lovely sparkle to it. 

Our supplier for these and many other of our products works with small scale producers who use traditional methods and natural materials to produce beautiful and unique pieces. They are a member of BAFTS, the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, and support Child Rescue Nepal.

Hand carved Buddha tea light candle holder made in Bali Hand carved stone Buddha made in Bali 

Candle & Incense Sets From Thailand - £9.99 


These cute and colourful incense sets are made in Northern Thailand on a fair-trade basis by a small family-based business which is run by 3 sisters. Their flair for design, combined with their use of brilliant colours and lovely fragrances, make for simply irresistible gift sets!

Thai Women

 [Image courtesy of Pixabay]

I hope this has helped to provide the back story behind some of our beautiful candle products. And don't forget to take advantage of our free gift offer when you purchase anything from our Candles & Holders collection before the end of October!*


Amy Lauder Zenhance Your Home Founder

Amy Lauder,

Zenhance Your Home Founder


*Terms of Free Gift On Candle & Candle Orders
- Free gift can be claimed with any order size or value from our candles & candle holders collection made before 11:59pm on Tuesday 31st October 2017.
- Only 1 free gift per order, per email address and per email address will be sent.
- This free gift cannot be returned or exchanged, for money or otherwise.
- Colour of the candle and incense scents may vary from the picture.
- Zenhance Your Home and its employees cannot be held responsible for the use of this free product.


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