Our Values

Zenhance Your Home Values


We believe that everyone deserves to be happier and more relaxed in their home. We want to be a socially responsible business, and try hard to be environmentally and socially aware in our approach to bringing you our product range.

Our Charity Support

Zenhance Your Home Charity Support ShelterBox

We are delighted to say that a percentage of the profits from every product we sell will be going to the charity, ShelterBox.

We think it's a perfect fit because we share their belief in a world where no family goes without shelter and comfort when disaster strikes.

Our Ethical Sourcing

Ethically sourced

We have tried hard to source a wide range of products from ethical and socially responsible sources. Look out for the "Ethically Sourced" image throughout the site, and you can also search by this as a filter. In addition, we would never sell products that have been tested on animals. 

Our UK Made Products

Made in the UK

We're very keen to support UK suppliers and have sourced some beautiful products made in the UK. Look out for the "Made in the UK" image as you browse the site, and also search the term "UK Made".

Our Environmental Efforts

We are very keen to keep our environmental impact as minimal as possible. For packaging, we either re-use the boxes and materials provided to us by our own suppliers, or we use boxes made from recycled materials. We'll also always try to minimise packaging as much as possible. A number of our products have eco-friendly status (you can search for the filter "Eco Friendly"). Many more are from suppliers who are committed to reducing their environmental impact. 



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