Stress and anxiety natural essential oil

De-stress, Naturally Essential Oil Blend

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This blend of 100% natural essential oils has been developed especially for reducing stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy works by triggering the olfactory receptors which send signals to the part of your brain that manages your emotions.

Spearmint, peppermint, palmarosa and geranium – all ethically sourced from the best growing areas from around the world – are especially powerful for reducing stress and soothing a busy mind.

You can use this essential oils blend with your choice of vaporising diffuser here.

Size: 10ml will provide up to 350 hours

Care instructions:
Do not consume or put onto your skin undiluted
Keep away from eyes and children
Keep in a dark and cool storage space
Use within 12 months of breaking seal on lid

Our supplier is regulated by the Aromatherapy Trade Council – a body responsible for the ethical and safe trade of aromatherapy products.



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