Epione Vaporising Essential Oils Diffuser

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Unlike most diffusers that are ugly and plastic, you’ll be able to display this ceramic Epione diffuser as a beautiful ornament.

It even has various colour-changing options to add to its relaxing quality.

But the Epione doesn’t just look great; essential oils trigger the part of the brain which controls emotions such as anxiety, stress and fatigue, as well as improving physical factors like breathing and toxin reduction. 

The Epione doesn’t use heat, flames or smoke, so it’s safe to use around children and pets.

Plus you can leave it on and it will automatically switch itself off once the water has run out (around 6 hours).

Innovative ultrasound technology is used to emit a soft mist of pure goodness to provide a relaxing environment or to help you drift into a peaceful sleep.

It’s easy to use - simply add around 10 drops of your chosen essential oils blend with tap water into the basin and you’re away!

View our wide range of feel-good essential oil blends to go with this diffuser here

Size: 15cm tall x 15cm wide

Care info: We suggest using a clean cloth to dry your diffuser after every use.

Warranty info: This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.



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